The threat of a fire is a constant worry as almost all heating, cooking and other flame-related uses, as well as any failure with electrical wiring, might potentially cause fire. Preventing fire in your home or workplace has never been easier now that we at ADNA Contracting Inc. are offering spray fireproofing to our clients in Toronto and the GTA.

Many contractors, renovators, and private homeowners are coming to realize how much time, money and effort are saved when using this method not to mention the added safety and environmental effect.

Regardless of whether your home is being built or renovated, spray fireproofing is always a good idea and will keep your family safe. To prevent structural elements of a home from catching fire,  spray fireproofing protects from exposure to extreme heat.

This is done by thermally insulating the structural pieces, to keep them below temperatures that cause failure.

Spray Fireproofing_ADNA_Contracting_Inc
Spray Fireproofing_ADNA_Contracting_Inc

Spray Fireproofing provides:

  • Time for those in the building to get out safely.
  • Time for the fire and rescue units to go in.
  • And a way to maintain structural stability.

Likewise, the advantages of using spray fireproofing in Toronto:

  • Keep your family far from risk.
  • Spray fireproofing increases home safety and decreases the chances of fire.
  • Reduces liability.
  • When you sell your home, its resale value will increase with upgraded spray fireproofing insulation. It is a small improvement, but it goes a long way toward the property market prices.
  • Provides air-tight thermal protection and lowers the cost of your monthly energy bill.

And on top of that, it is simple and cheap! Spray fireproofing is sprayed on using a hose combined with air and is dispersed through a nozzle. It aids in installation time by 10%-15% per day and is guaranteed to give you and your family peace of mind.

Call ADNA Contracting Inc. and enjoy the advantages of the spray fireproofing of your Toronto home or business.

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