Asbestos Removal Toronto

removing asbestos in torontoLooking for a company that does Asbestos removal in Toronto and the GTA? Need a fast, clean service at competitive rates? ADNA Contracting will get the job done in a manner that will allow you to get a clean, asbestos-free space in no time. We will even adjust to your schedule so as to have a minimal impact on your daily routine.

Asbestos in the house or work is a serious health risk. Handling it is advised only by certified, seasoned experts. All you need to do when you have a need of Asbestos removal in Toronto or the GTA, is call ADNA Contracting. We have all the necessary tools and vast experience in Asbestos abatement in homes, condos, hospitals, schools, shops, restaurants, office buildings and more.

We have a team of contractors with a complete Asbestos Abatement Worker Training Program certification.

Our asbestos abatement operations include:

  • Safe removal of asbestos-containing ceiling and vinyl floor tiles, etc.
  • Dismantling, removing and disposing of non friable asbestos containing materials.
  • Breaking, cutting, drilling, abrading, grinding, sanding or vibrating non-friable asbestos-containing materials
  • Asbestos removal from floor duct, paper wrap and pipe insulation, and sheet flooring.
  • Dismantling a false-ceiling to allow access to a work area above it.
  • Enclosing and isolating friable asbestos containing materials.
  • Power tool operations: anything that involves breaking, sawing, drilling, grinding, sanding or vibrating of asbestos containing materials.
  • Large-scale renovations or construction that involves repair, alteration, or demolition of a building in which asbestos was used.
  • Work on any large areas containing asbestos.

Type 1 Asbestos Removal Operations in Toronto will not require a clean room facility or additional precautions, but do not allow the use of power tools. Type 2 and 3 Asbestos Abatement Operations are a bit more hefty, and require a set of precautions, such as the Negative Air HEPA Filtration and Personal Protective Equipment.

We come to a site fully equipped and begin by installing all necessary precautions adequate to the scale and type of work we expect to be doing. We make sure to identify and remove all asbestos containing materials safely and completely. Our prices are competitive and the service is professional and clean.

Call ADNA Contracting now to get a free estimate and answers to all and any of your questions!


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